Chanting Goshawk in Tsavo East




A troop of Banded Mongoose - serious snake killers


Cheetah scanning the plains for a possible meal


Red dust road, flat plains and hilly terrain characteristic of Tsavo


Cantankerous old buffalo bulls


a buffalo bull detached from the herd - as dangerous as a loose canon


The biggest mammal on land - the African Elephant


Tsavo is famous for huge herds of elephants




King of the jungle taking shelter from the hot sun


Amboseli National Park's Erimito gate


Entrance to Amboseli Kibo safari camp


Elephant in the Amboseli plains


Mount Kilimanjaro in Amboseli National Park


Exploring the Shetani Lava flow by foot - Tsavo West National Park


Crystal clear pool of Mzima Springs


the tallest animal on earth - the Giraffe


Impala herd


Elephant seen inside the electric fence perimeter fence of the rhino sanctuary in Tsavo west


A flock of guinea fowl


A clear deserted beach in Lamu
Scenic sunset over the Lamu Island
View from a beah inLamu on a clear sunny day
Lamu Island