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Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya, which is an extinct volcano sitting on the Equator, is Africa’s second highest mountain and stands at a height of 5199m (17,058ft). Opened as the Mount Kenya National Park in 1949, the mountain has been revered by local inhabitants for generations and is the official home of ‘Ngai’, the Kikuyu tribe’s Supreme Being.

The snowy peak of the volcano was first sighted by an outsider in 1849 – the missionary Johann Ludwig Krapf – although the idea that there could be snow on the Equator was not believed until the British geographer Halford John Mackinder reached the summit in 1899. The park itself, which covers an area of 600 sq km (232 sq miles), offers exotic mountain scenery, starting with upland forest near the bottom and progressing to mountain forest, bamboo forests and glacier peaks. A wide variety of wildlife inhabits the park, some unique to it, including Sykes and Colobus monkeys, buffalo, elephants, black rhinos, leopards, the elusive Bongo antelopes and giant forest hogs. It is also home to many species of birds such as the giant kingfisher, olive pigeons and red-fronted parrots.

Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Reserve encircles the park, which has an area of approximately 715 sq km. UNESCO designated it as a world heritage site in 1997. Mount Kenya is a favorite peak of novice and seasoned mountain climbers. Routes of varying degrees of difficulty take you to the top, all offering wonderful scenic beauty. Tourists can also have some very good game viewing and birdwatching.

Attractions at the Mount Kenya National Park

  • Gameviewing: Sykes monkeys, buffaloes, black and white colobuses, elephants and bushbucks can be spotted in the park. Lower down, you’ll engage black rhinos, waterbucks, black fronted duikers, bush pigs, giant forest hogs, baboons, leopards, genet cats, and sometimes bongos (a type of forest antelopes). Some of the rare or endangered species that can be found here are skinks (lizards), mole shrews, sunni bucks, several owl species and occasionally albino zebras.
  • Mountain climbing, trekking or hiking
  • Marvellous Scenic View: Lakes, Tarns, Glaciers & Peaks
  • Variety of birds & animals
  • Natural Springs

Accommodation at the Mount Kenya National Park

One lodge, seven climber huts and three self-help banda sites are available inside the Park. Three lodges and a self-help banda site can be availed just outside the Park.

How To Reach Mount Kenya National Park

You can find main regional towns; Embu, Meru, Nanyuki and Naro Moru, on a tar road circling Mt. Kenya. Surprisingly, this road is in good condtion. If the visitors come by air, they can land on the Naro Moru airstrip.

Located 175 kms from Nairobi, Mount Kenya National Park is accessible through Nanyuki-Isiolo road via Sirimon Track or Nyeri-Nanyuki road near Naro Moru. The park can also be reached via Chogoria on the Embu - Meru road.


Other Kenya National Parks and game Reserves

Apart from Mount Kenya National Park, Kenya boasts  of other parks which include

Picture and attractions around Mount Kenya National Park
The Snow capped peaks of mount Kenya and mountain vegetation
Take a look at the bongo antelopes, and you will know that zebras are not the automatic winners of the 'Mr. beautiful stripes' pageant. Bongos are playful, shy, and extremely rare. The only place you can see it in the wild is the Mount Kenya National Park, dense vegetation that grew on the slopes of the fabulous Mount Kenya
Mount Kenya National park seen from a distant in farm land in Kenya's highlands
A man drinking from one of the many lakes to be found on Mount Kenya
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